To whom it may concern,

I’m writing your company to help sponsor cosmetology students that can’t afford to go to school. We the LSB FOUNDATION will help pay for 10 students for the year 2019, either help with living expenses, transportation expenses or put scholarships toward schooling and or books. It would be a great honor to the foundation if you and your company could contribute to the LSB FOUNDATION in honor of a great cosmetologist whose life was cut too short and gave back to the industry as well as educated young people. Her name was LaQuette Shauntel Burnett. Her parents feel it’s time to honor all cosmetologist in her name and help them with their careers.

We are asking you and your company to please take a look at our sponsorship package and find it in your heart to help educate as many as you can. This package goes out to those on an as needed basis with a submission online explaining that they are in school, name of school, instructor and director of school, along with grades and attendance. Their career goals and how the LSB Foundation could help further their education.

Help CREATE THE DREAM for all cosmetology students and make the LSB FOUNDATION one of the few that that make dreams come true!

Thank you
Carnette Burnett
1111 Howe Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825